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Fibre-reinforced LVT adhesive. Specifically developed for the installation of LVT floorings, it guarantees the highest performances in terms of adhesion and dimensional stability.
Consistency: creamy paste.
Colour: light beige.
Density (g/cm³): 1.20.
Waiting time: 0-10 minutes.
Open time: 20-30 minutes.
Set to light foot traffic: 3-5 hours.
Ready for use: 48-72 hours.
EMICODE: EC1 Plus - very low emission.
Storage: 12 months. Protect from frost.
Application: N° 1 notched trowel, TKB A1, A2.
Consumption: Mapei N° 1 trowel: 0.25 to 0.30 kg/m².
Packaging: 16 kg and 5 kg drums.
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