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Founded in 1937 in Milan, Mapei is today one of the most important producers of adhesives and complementary products for laying all types of floor and wall and coating materials, and is also specialised in other chemical products used in the building industry, such as waterproofing products, special mortars, admixtures for concrete, products for underground constructions and for the restoration of concrete and historical buildings.

Mapei’s production may be summarised in the following figures: 2.4 billion euros consolidated turnover in 2016; nearly 9000 employees in the Group.

Mapei has built their strategy following three main guidelines:

 SPECIALIZATION: Mapei offers a wide range of special, technologically-advanced products to meet the requirements of its clients in the building industry.

 RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: every year, Mapei invests approximately 5% of total turnover and 12% of their employees in research programmes. Apart from 73 quality control laboratories, Mapei also has 18 central laboratories: Milan, Villadossola and Treviso (Italy), Laval (Canada), Deerfield Beach, Winterhaven and Dalton (United States), Sagstua (Norway), Wiesbaden and Augustdorf (Germany), Langebang (Austria), Sorens (Switzerland), Trzebinia (Poland), Tolouse (France), Singapore (Singapore), Rawang (Malesia), Guangzhou (China) and Jinckeon (Korea).

 INTERNATIONALISATION: since the 1960s, Mapei has followed a strategy of internationalisation to be more in touch and closer to local requirements and to reduce transport costs to a minimum.

In order to guarantee correctness and transparency, and promote behaviour compliant also with the eco-sustainable expectations of all those who work in the company, Mapei has produced the Group’s Code of Ethics that includes a specific administration and social management system that is valid all around the world and in Italy in accordance with the DLgs n. 231/2001.

There are currently 81 subsidiaries, in the Mapei Group, with a total of 73 production facilities located around the world in 33 different countries and in 5 different continents.
Mapei has also developed a dense technical-commercial network in all the most important countries in the world and has a highly competent technical and building site assistance department, particularly appreciated by designers and professional floor layers.

Mapei manufactures the following types of product:

• Adhesives for ceramic and natural stone floor and coatings
• Grouts for joints and flexible sealants
• Adhesives for resilient and textile floor and coatings
• Products for preparing all types of substrate
• Admixtures for mortars and concrete
• Protective wall coatings for external applications
• Cementitious and resin floorings
• Products for laying, finishing and maintaining parquet
• Products for underground constructions
• Special hydraulic binders
• Pre-blended mortars and special products for restoring concrete structures
• Mortars and binders for restoring masonry buildings
• Accellerators for shotcrete
• waterproofing and anti-damp products
• Soundproofing systems
• Thermal insulation systems
• Grinding aids
• Products for marine industry
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