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Newsletter Issue Feb 2018: Mapeplan TUS Synthetic Tunnel Waterproofing Membrane
With the recently completed Scenic Hill and Liantang 6 Tunnels over 1.2Million Metre squared of Mapeplan has been successfully installed on HK projects in recent years.

The products meets all European and International Standards

  1. Signal layer or innovative warning layer

  2. High workability and good welding characteristics

  3. High mechanical resistance

  4. High resistance to permanent pressure

  5. High resistance to root action

  6. High flexibility at low temperature

  7. High resistance to stray currents

  8. Explosion resistance

  9. High resistance to ageing

  10. Self-extinguish

  11. Suitable contact with both alkaline and acidic water

► Mapeplan TUS - Hong Kong Projects
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