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Our global destiny
The objectives of Mapei’s internationalisation strategy is to open new markets, know-how sharing, to get a deeper understanding of the market in each country by being closer to local requirements and to reduce transport costs to a minimum.

The growth strategy is based on the supposition that Mapei is a global player run on the basis of a family concern, but with a medium to long-term view. Mapei wants to maximise growth and efficiency, and not only profits, by concentrating on a mix which includes products, production capacity and people.

The need to become global through internationalisation is tightly connected to an increase in production capacity, by creating facilities in areas of high demand, and supply solutions inline with local requirements to keep costs under control.

To always be competitive, human resources are central to this approach. In fact, people have to be proactive in the development of local growth strategies and, in order to have the best understanding of each geographical area, an efficient local management is fundamental. So, headhunting talented people from all over the world is another constant commitment of the Company.

Growth is central to the Mapei Group’s philosophy: a growth which must be healthy and well balanced,where investments have the final aim of increasing the local presence of the Group.
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