Resilient Product Course

A run through of the products.

Product Q&A discussion.

Mixing Planiprep Skimcoat

Product can be trowel mixed

Explaining best practice

Product at the correct consistency

Applying Planiprep Skimcoat

Filling joints and screw holes

Finishing the application

Demo Q&A session

Explaining products qualities

Product trials and demonstration.

Demonstrating product

Applying Ultrabond Eco Tack

Product is ready to receive flooring

Applying carpet tiles

Applying carpet tiles

Flooring in place

Demonstrating easy removal

Applying Ultrabond Eco 4 LVT

Required area covered in adhesive

Laying LVT to the adhesive

Laying rubber flooring to the adhesive

Adding carpet tile to the adhesive to show products versatility

Ceramic Product Course

Welcome to Mapei

Explaining different types of tiles

Importance of correct product choice

Mapetex demonstration

Where to use Mapetex

Mixing Keraquick S1 & Latex Plus

Applying the adhesive

Laying the Mapetex

Using a hard roller to ensure its flat

Explaining the importance of levels

Q&A session regarding techniques

Pouring Ultraflex S2 Quick

Mixing the adhesive

Applying the adhesive

Back buttering the tiles

Laying the tile

Demonstrating the good coverage

Laying tile and spacers

Applying caps to get perfect level

Down and ready for wiping

Close up of spacers and caps

Ultracolor Plus grout demo

Kerapoxy Design & MapeGlitter demo

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