MAPECOAT TNS SYSTEM for velodrome - Velodrome, Dalmine (Italy)

MAPECOAT TNS SYSTEM for resin sport floorings - Burnie International Tennis Centre, Australia

MAPECOAT TNS SYSTEM for resin sport flooring - Vavassori Tenis Club, Brescia (Italy)

MAPESOIL for sport surfaces with inbuilt horizontal dreinage - Mapei Stadium, Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Mapei - for all sports surfaces
Since the 1950’s Mapei has been supplying products and technology for the construction of indoor and outdoor sports facilities all around the world. Since then, Mapei has built up a wide range of experience and developed technology and solutions for all types of both new and existing sports surfaces and has become a point of reference for architects, designers and engineers.

The company’s Resilients and Sports Floorings – Mapei Sports System Technology division is on hand during both the design stage and the restoration and maintenance stages of sports facilities and surfaces by supplying technical support to help evaluate the projects to be executed and suggesting the best systems to adopt in order to construct high performance sports facilities certified in compliance with the highest standards.

Mapesoil System: sports surfaces with inbuilt horizontal drainage

The MAPESOIL System by Mapei allows you to install permeable sports surfaces without the need for pipework. This system includes the special MAPESOIL VD permeable screed, which lies immediately below the sand substrate for the turf, to carry water away from the court or pitch. This type of screed has a much higher drainage capacity than traditional systems and, by placing the screed closer to the surface, water flows away more quickly. This system is suitable for sports surfaces used for soccer, golf, baseball, hockey and rugby, to name but a few.

Ultrabond Turf: adhesives for laying artificial grass surfaces available all around the world

The family of ULTRABOND TURF polyurethane adhesives enables artificial grass playing surfaces to be laid in compliance with the standards of FIFA, golfing bodies and many others.

They are used to lay the jointing strips between adjacent rolls of artificial grass and are characterised by their ease of application, excellent rib stability, including in hot weather, and high bond strength.

ULTRABOND TURF adhesives are well renowned and are available all around the world where they are used to lay grass playing surfaces for both important international tournaments and for public and amateur use.

Mapecoat TNS and PU: resin systems for sports surfaces

Mapei has a comprehensive range of acrylic and polyurethane resin systems available for sports surfaces. Mapei’s resin systems have high performance characteristics as well as being solvent-free, elastic and resistant to UV rays. Installation is quick and simple and they are available in 24 different colours.

They are recommended for indoor and outdoor sports surfaces such as tennis courts, multi-purpose playing surfaces, in-line skating rinks, velodromes, stadiums tribunes, sports facilities and bowling courts.

Mapei has the following systems available for tennis courts: MAPECOAT TNS PROFESSIONAL, MAPECOAT TNS CUSHION, MAPECOAT TNS COMFORT, MAPECOAT TNS REMOVE, MAPECOAT TNS BINDER and MAPECOAT TNS REINFORCED. For multi-purpose playing surfaces (volleyball, basketball, handball and 5-a-side soccer), apart from proposing the solutions mentioned in the MULTISPORT version, Mapei also proposes the polyurethane resin systems PU MULTISPORT COMFORT and PU MULTISPORT PROFESSIONAL.

For in-line skating rinks and velodromes, Mapei has developed MAPECOAT TNS ROLLER PROFESSIONAL and MAPECOAT TNS CYCLE TRACK, both of which are particularly resistant to abrasion and to mechanical stresses and loads.

For stadiums tribunes and sports facilities Mapei proposes MAPECOAT TNS TRIBUNE, a system used to create walkways inside stadiums and sports complexes which is particularly resistant to abrasion and pedestrian traffic.

And last but not least is PU PROFESSIONAL for bowls, a polyurethane system resistant to impact loads which guarantees high performance playing surfaces that maintain their durability over the years.

Adesilex G19 for the installation of rubber athletic tracks

ADESILEX G19 is Mapei’s proposal for the installation of indoor and outdoor rubber athletic tracks. It has already been used to install numerous athletics tracks for the most prestigious events, such as the Olympic Games, the first of which was for the 1976 Montreal Olympics. ADESILEX G19 stands out for its toughness and high level of adhesion to the most widely used substrates in the building industry, as well as to synthetic rubber. It is resistant to mechanical stresses and loads associated with athletics events and helps athletes achieve the highest levels of performance.

Ultracoat Sport System for wooden sports surfaces

For wooden playing surfaces Mapei proposes ULTRACOAT SPORT SYSTEM, a water-based coloured finishing system comprising: ULTRACOAT PREMIUM BASE two-component, water-based basecoat characterised by high isolating properties, excellent defect-hiding capacity, easy buffing and ease of application; ULTRACOAT HT SPORT two-component, water-based polyurethane varnish specifically developed to meet the requirements of wooden playing surfaces; ULTRACOAT SPORT COLOR one-component, water-based, coloured acrylic paint for marking out courts and pitches and colouring playing zones on wooden sports surfaces.

All Mapei systems comply with the specifications and standards of the most important sporting bodies, such as FIFA for soccer pitches, ITF (International Tennis Federation) for resin tennis courts and AITG (Italian Golf Technicians Association) for artificial grass golf courses. Thanks to the comprehensive range of products on offer and their reliability, Mapei has become a partner for various sporting bodies, such as the aforementioned AITG, and an Official Supplier for FIT (Italian Tennis Federation).
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