Sustainability and tradition: Mapei technology used for Emergency’s specialist paediatric surgery centre in Uganda

The ancient ‘rammed earth’ building technique applied to a modern building thanks to Mapei’s R&D

May 6, 2021

Milan, 6th May 2021 – EMERCENCY’s specialist paediatric surgery centre in Entebbe, Uganda, has begun taking in young patients and will set the benchmark for surgical needs of the children of the entire continent of Africa.

Thanks to its ability to give shape to ideas through the innovative nature of its own products, Mapei (a partner in the project) helped make this “scandalously wonderful” hospital in the heart of Africa more sustainable and faithful to local building tradition, just as Gino Strada wanted. The building was designed and developed by Renzo Piano in partnership with TAMassociati.

Mapei developed an innovative system to adapt the traditional ‘rammed earth’ construction technique to the hospital’s needs. This method uses clay and earth to provide sufficient heat inertia to keep the building’ temperature and humidity levels constant.

Made from special latest-generation binders resulting from three years’ research and experimental tests carried out in conjunction with EMERGENCY’s technical staff, this technology made it possible to construct the hospital’s walls sustainably while, at the same time, guaranteeing versatility and durability. The use of such a widely available material as clay reduced the project’s environmental impact and fitted in with local tradition.

“We are delighted that our research, materials and technical support helped complete this project that embodies many of the values Mapei believes in: hard work, excellence, sustainability and beauty - so Veronica Squinzi noted, Mapei’s CEO - let’s hope this innovative solution will contribute to the construction of other local facilities to allow the community to develop”.

The hospital facility, which covers an area of 9700 m², is part of a landscaping design aimed at focusing on the natural and sustainable side of the entire project, limiting the building’s environmental impact.

Credits: Marcello Bonfanti, Emmanuel Museruka

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