A Mapei Remodel - The WAFI Mall Floor

October 12, 2021

Inaugurated in 1991, the WAFI Mall is one of Dubai's most prominent malls. Its distinctive Egyptian motif with outstanding sculptures of the Sphinx makes people stop and stare amazed. Its first-class retail, restaurant and recreational offerings make it a must visit for everyone.

The mall also houses a majestic glass-built window, particularly picked from mosques and temples across the Islamic Works. It is a popular atmosphere at the Mall and one of its largest fenced windows.

What was Mapei’s Role?

The mall has a floor space of 6000 m2 to install new tile plaques. Only throughout the night could this be done during a 12 hour window, therefore fast track solution goods were necessary.

The work on the refurbishment of the mall was made considerably difficult. Installers had to labour all night to guarantee that the floor was ready for light foot traffic the next morning.

GRANIRAPID and ULTRALITE S2 QUICK were recommended following visits and understanding the conditions, as it would reduce the waiting time for materials. Everything could be accomplished within the span of a week.

Both GRANIRAPID & ULTRALITE S2 QUICK have particularly fast setting and hydration times so that floors are set to light foot traffic after 3 hours and completely cured after only 24 hours.

Moreover with the new tiles being placed the floor levels of shop entrances had to be taken care of to ensure H&S mandates were strictly adhered to.GRANIRAPID and ULTRALITE S2 were a great option for this application and the customer was very happy with the result. In addition, the joints were supplied with the ULTRACOLOR PLUS grout and MAPESIL AC.

Another important task for the contractor was to remove the special design on the floor without damaging it and reinstall with adhesive. The client had specifically requested to retain the design as it was of great importance to them.

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