Bay Square

Mapei contributed towards the galvanic cathodic protection of rebars providing a 50-year design life.   
January 23, 2023

With a prime location in the heart of Business Bay, Bay Square brings to mind Italy's bustling urban piazzas, where people from all walks of life are united in a spirit of community and togetherness. The low-rise, mixed-use development by Dubai Retail is pedestrian-only, with 13 buildings encompassing a full range of essential community services and integrated, great-value retail, dining, and hospitality options, such as the DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai.

This innovative and vibrant destination's diverse mix of residents and visitors creates downtown urban life's true harmony. Easily accessed from across the city and beyond, Bay Square seamlessly links major arterial routes with the South Ridge, Old Town, the Executive Towers, and Dubai's public transportation network. Bay Square's pedestrian-only, low-rise, mixed-use development has ample commercial rental units within its 160,000 sq. ft. location. Therefore, when it comes to working within the environs of Bay Square, you can rest assured that all the necessary amenities, in terms of your company's ongoing working requirements, are fully realized.

What was Mapei’s Role?

While structuring a new wall and connecting it with the existing raft and wall in the basement area, the steel reinforcement in the concrete structure was required to be protected from corrosion transmission between existing, corroded elements and the new ones.

We provided a solution accepted by the client, structural and lead consultants, and technical experts.

MAPEI designed and supplied the galvanic cathodic protection system (MAPESHIELD I 30/20) and provided a 50-year design life. ISO 12696-2016 has been used as the design code. The design aimed to provide protective currents to mitigate the risk of corrosion propagation from the adjacent parent concrete (old areas) at the perimeter of the new walls and raft.

Also, the combined use of a suitable isolating membrane (PLANIGROUT 300 ME) and the proposed cathodic protection design will dampen the chloride migration from the cathodic protection area to the new wall concrete through the concrete-to-concrete surface contact.

After installing the galvanic anodes (MAPESHIELD I 30/20) to the steel rebars, MAPEGROUT ME05 was used as a microcrete to cover the steel rebars and anodes.

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