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High quality solutions with low environmental impact
September 24, 2023
Sustainability, durability, quality: these are the key words behind Mapei’s presence at the 2023 edition of Cersaie, the international showcase for the world of ceramic, bathroom furnishings, design and architecture in Bologna from 25th to 29th September. And as always, this year the company is bringing to the trade fair its innovations in the world of installation and building to continue showing the entire chain the path towards a way of constructing increasingly focused on new materials and a sense of responsibility towards people and the environment.

In two complementary display spaces, with support from its experts, Mapei invites visitors to take a close-up look and learn more about its solutions dedicated to the ceramics sector, from private users to large scale sites.

On stand A2 in pavilion 25 the company is presenting to all professionals from the sector the latest developments and complete systems for installing ceramic tiles, while stand A8 in hall 32 is dedicated to solutions to simplify and improve their work. This year Mapei, together with Profilpas, a subsidiary of Mapei Group, is particularly focusing on complete and versatile solutions for showers and outdoor applications on balconies and terraces.


Zero Line: new products with fully-offset CO2 emissions

Continuing the journey to sustainability undertaken many years ago, this year Mapei introduced its new Zero Line, a complete line of products with fully-offset CO2 emissions, including 14 products for the ceramics and building sectors.
To mark the occasion of Cersaie 2023, Mapei extends its Zero line with several new products starting from Mapelastic: the historical elastic cementitious mortar for waterproofing balconies, terraces and baths. White cementitious tiling adhesives and products for the care and maintenance of surfaces are also added to the Zero line. The aim is to offer clients, designers and professionals the opportunity to construct responsibly using products with fully offset  CO2 emissions with high performance characteristics and designed to last.

UltraCare: the complete answer for cleaning and protection

Mapei extends its UltraCare range for protecting, maintaining and caring for surfaces with the introduction of special cleaners, UltraCare Rust Remover to remove rust and UltraCare Stain Remover to combat organic stains, and 2 protective treatments against water infiltrations, a solvent-based version - UltraCare Rain Protector S - and a water-based version - UltraCare Rain Protector W - to offer tiling companies a safe application experience and long-lasting results.

Perfect tiling with Mapei

To simplify the work of tilers, Mapei presents two handy new accessories to level off and space tiles accurately. MapeLevel Easy T is a fully reusable system, very useful to carry out small adjustments during tiling work or as a complete installation system. For smaller, localised work it can be used to eliminate steps without having to lift tiles. Mapei Tile Spacer 7-in-1, on the other hand, is a new “7 in 1” spacer that enables grout in tiling to be set from 0.5 to 5 mm wide, thanks to a unique accessory with 7 different thicknesses.

Aquaflex S 1K: a host of advantages with one single product

Amongst the waterproofing solutions for flat roofs, balconies, terraces and damp areas in general, at Cersaie Mapei introduces the liquid silane-based membrane, Aquaflex S 1K.
Supplied ready to use, Aquaflex S 1K is a practical, simple and quick waterproofing solution for both new and old structures and can be left exposed or tiled over.
What is more, thanks to the innovative silane-based technology used in the product, this exceptional waterproof membrane can also be applied on damp substrates and on a wide range of substrate materials, such as bitumen membranes, concrete, metal and many more.
What is more, the product is resistant to standing water and UV rays, solvent-free, 100% non-toxic and has been tested in compliance with the most severe European standards, obtaining excellent performance results such as CE 14891 marking and EAD 030350-00-0402 system certification, “Liquid applied roof waterproofing kits” (former ETAG 005).

Matt is the latest trend for ceramic and stone tile sealants

To meet the latest trends in the market Mapei has introduced two new matt sealants. For tiles and sanitary ware Mapei has developed Mapesil Tile Matt, while for stone and marble we have Mapesil Stone Matt. Both products are recommended to form elastic seals in expansion joints and fillet joints in internal and external floor and wall coverings and to counteract the proliferation of mould and microorganisms. In addition, Mapesil Stone Matt is available in 3 matt colours with a textured finish to blend in better with the texture of variegated stone and to reduce the typical plastic finish of traditional sealants.

Again on the subject of sealants, Mapei is also displaying Mapesil AC Eco: the iconic elastic sealant manufactured via a production process driven by energy from certified renewable sources and packed in cartridges containing 50% recycled plastic.


Route 40: Cersaie celebrates its 40-year journey

This year Cersaie is blowing out 40 candles: an anniversary shared with Mapei, a constant presence at every event right from the beginning. Fully aware of its role as sector leader, year after year the company has been there, promoting innovation and professionalism and presenting the latest developments in a creative way.
To mark this important milestone, Cersaie is proposing an exhibition itinerary to revisit the products that have made history in the ceramics sector. The exhibition would not be complete without the contribution of Mapei with its landmark, first ever adhesive with fully-offset CO2 emissions for the ceramics sector, Keraflex Maxi S1 Zero.

Realtà Mapei Magazine is online

A new chapter opens for Realtà Mapei, the historic in-house Mapei magazine with 180 editions, for a more complete and contemporary way of recounting the story of the company. We present Realtà Mapei Magazine, the new release available from any digital device at, including the International version, and enriched with new multimedia content: videos, photo galleries and hyperlinks.
And to mark this year’s CERSAIE Mapei has prepared a lounge area at its stand (A2, hall 35) where the editorial staff will meet guests and experts from Mapei.

Sustainable building: a shared choice

Mapei brings together stakeholders from the ceramic tiles chain to discuss the need for joint action to reduce the impact of the building industry on the environment and climate change. To put the spotlight on the effects the world of construction has on the environment and to unite forces, technologies and innovation, Mapei is organising a round table on “Sustainable building: a shared choice” at 1 pm on Tuesday 26th September in the spaces dedicated to Café Della Stampa (Mall 29-30), starting with concrete projects and testimonials from sector experts.

The speakers will be: Marco Squinzi, Mapei CEO, Emilio Mussini, Panariagroup CEO and Vice-President of Confindustria Ceramica, Fabrizio Capaccioli, President of GBC Italia, and Salvatore Correale, Cidimm CEO.


[1] CO2 emissions measured throughout the life cycle of products from the Zero line in 2023 using LCA methodology, verified and certified by EPD, are offset through the acquisition of certified carbon credits in support of renewable energy and forestry protection projects. A commitment to the planet, to people and to biodiversity. Click here for further details on how emissions are calculated and on climate mitigation projects financed through certified carbon credits

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