Mapei Football Event 2024

28 companies battled it out to the finals at the Mapei Football Event, 2024 on 18th February. 
February 20, 2024

On the 18th of February, Mapei Construction Chemicals, Dubai, organized a football tournament in Sportsmania that brought together passionate players and enthusiastic spectators from 28 companies.

The tournament showcased outstanding skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship from the first whistle to the final goal. Teams battled it out on the seven pitches, creating memorable moments.

The tournament wasn't just about competition; it was a celebration of the spirit of football and the solidarity it fosters. Players exhibited exceptional talent, dribbling past defenders, executing breathtaking goals, and demonstrating strategic game play. The cheers from the crowd echoed the passion and love for the sport.

We sincerely congratulate the winners who displayed skill, determination, and teamwork throughout the tournament. Trophies were awarded to recognise their outstanding achievements.

We thank all the teams, players, and spectators who contributed to the event's success. Your energy and enthusiasm made this football tournament a memorable experience for everyone involved.

We are already looking forward to future tournaments that will continue to foster the love for the beautiful game and thank you to everyone who made this football tournament a great success. 

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