MAPEI organized training and competition for resellers

April 4, 2017
MAPEI organized a training & competition on the 4th of May for our Resellers called Mix ‘N Fix at the MAPEI Factory held by market manager of ceramic line with the co-operation of marketing department and the reseller manager. The objective of the event was to gain a sense of their knowledge about the MAPEI products they are selling & to help improve it while making them fully confident in their ability to speak with customers about technical information concerning MAPEI products. 6 teams were present which comprised of our Resellers selecting their top 2 sales people. The event started off with a training session to refresh the teams’ knowledge about MAPEI Ceramic Line products & their associated standards. After, each team were then tested on their ability to apply MAPEI products & create 3 samples (adhesive, grout & waterproofing) which they could present to customers in the future. The event concluded with the announcement of the winning reseller: Mohd. Al Qama. The event was a great success with all participating teams performing extremely well.

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