MAPEI unveils Planitop 400 ME repair mortar at The Big 5 2013

November 10, 2013
Unique formula for repair & restoration of concrete well-suited for region’s corrosive climate.

MAPEI, a global leader in the production of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for the construction sector, launched Planitop 400 ME, a unique mortar formula for repair and restoration of concrete, at the Big 5 International Building & Construction Show 2013 taking place from November 25 to 28, 2013 at the World Trade Center in Dubai. 

A shrinkage compensated thixotropic mortar for cortical restoration, Planitop 400 ME is an innovative formulation for treating damaged reinforced concrete in structures such as cornices, beams, pillars, and concrete panels. It can also be used to repair superficial defects in concrete castings such as honeycombs, holes, and cold joints. The solution holds significant value for the Middle East as it is ideal for the region’s climate. Concrete here is subject to the corrosive influence of high temperatures, humidity, and saline conditions that hasten and aggravate concrete-related damages.

Part of MAPEI’s Planitop range of skimming products, Planitop 400 ME consists of special hydraulic binders, selected fine graded aggregate and additives. A single layer of mortar at a variable thickness between 2 and 30 mm is sufficient for all restoration works. Within a few hours after application of Planitop 400 ME, the surfaces are ready for use. 

Eng. Nisreen Salman, Market Manager – Building line, IBS-MAPEI, said: “As one of the largest industry events in the region, the Big 5 continues to be a valuable platform to showcase our products. Planitop 400 ME is by far one of the most superior products on the market for repair and restoration of concrete. Owing to high resistance to wear, mechanical strength and adhesive quality, it is an ideal solution for the construction industry, and merits a valuable platform for its launch. Besides, the live demonstrations will give the visitors a hands-on experience of the product.”

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