Pultrused carbon fibre plates pre-impregnated in epoxy resin, protected by a double film of plastic.
Carboplate is a range of pultrused carbon fibre plates, pre-impregnated in epoxy resin, with high resistance and flexibility, for plating prestressed reinforced concrete conglomerate and steel structures.
Carboplate can replace conventional steel sheets (béton plaqué) that are used for plating.
Carboplate is used for the repair and static upgrade of beams and under-dimensioned slabs for flexural resistance, for the repair of structures damaged by fire and seismic events, for the reinforcement of viaduct slabs consequent to an increase of static and/or dynamic loads, of industrial and/or commercial structures consequent to loads brought on by equipment and machinery, of carriageable ramps in residential and industrial buildings.
Carboplate is placed using Adesilex PG1, Adesilex PG1 Rapido or Adesilex PG2 structural adhesives provided that the substrate is impregnated by using MapeWrap Primer 1 beforehand.

Carton boxes each containing 25 and100 m rolls.
Carboplate is available in 3 modules of elasticity (170, 200 and 250 GPa), each one in 3 widths (50, 100 and 150 mm):
• Carboplate E 170/50/1.2
• Carboplate E 170/100/1.2
• Carboplate E 170/150/1.2
• Carboplate E 200/50/1.4
• Carboplate E 200/100/1.4
• Carboplate E 200/150/1.4
• Carboplate E 250/50/1.4
• Carboplate E 250/100/1.4
• Carboplate E 250/150/1.4

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