Epoxy paint modified with hydrocarbon resin for protecting concrete and steel surfaces from acid.
Duresil EB is used to coat structures embedded in the ground or which operate underwater, such as concrete and steel pylons, drain-works, water treatment plants, etc.
Duresil EB is a two-component epoxy resin paint modified with hydrocarbon resin and special additives. The product is prepared by adding component B to component A and mixing them together until they are perfectly blended.
Apply Duresil EB by brush or spray on perfectly clean, sound substrates. Once it has completely hardened, Duresil EB forms a protective coat which is completely waterproof and gas-proof and is resistant to acids, diluted alkalis, mineral oil, detergent, effluent water, etc.

400-450 g/m2 per coat.

10 kg buckets (A B).

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