Multi-purpose, ready-to-use acrylic resin and inert silica based bonding promoter and primer, with extremely low emission level of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Suitable for renders, smoothing and levelling compounds and adhesives for ceramics.

Multi-purpose, ready-to-use bonding promoter for renders. Guarantees the formation of a rough surface with good gripping properties to ensure an excellent bond even on smooth or low-absorbent substrates. It may be applied on concrete, brickwork, plasterboard, wood, cellular cement, ceramics, render, paintwork and gypsum. It may also be used to improve the bond of smoothing and levelling compounds and adhesives for ceramic tiles in interior on non-absorbent surfaces: ceramics, marble, etc.

Technical data:
Consistency: creamy liquid.
Colour: grey.
Waiting time before applying render: 30 minutes.
Waiting time before applying smoothing compound: 30 minutes.
Application temperature range: from 5°C to 35°C.
EMICODE: EC 1 - extremely low emission level.
Storage: 24 months.
Application: by roller or brush.

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