Cement-free lime- and Eco-Pozzolan-based fine mortars, respectively light-coloured and light pink, for finishing dehumidifying mortars applied on stone, brick and tuff masonry.
Mape-Antique FC is a light-coloured pre-blended sulphate-resistant mortar used for finishing rougher dehumidifying plasters such as Mape-Antique MC and Mape-Antique LC.
Mape-Antique FC is also available in the light pink Mape-Antique FC/R version for finishing Mape-Antique CC plaster.
Mape-Antique FC and Mape-Antique FC/R are ready-to-use mortars with a base of hydraulic binders with pozzolanic action, special additives and finely graded natural sand.
Mix a 25 kg bag of Mape-Antique FC or Mape-Antique FC/R with 5.75-6.0 l of water with a drill filled with an agitator until completely blended.
Mape-Antique FC and Mape-Antique FC/R are applied with a trowel or spatula on clean substrates that have been saturated with water beforehand, in a thickness of 1-2 mm. After 15-20 minutes the surface can be finished with a sponge float.

1.45 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.

25 kg bags.

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