TPE tape for flexible sealing and waterproofing expansion joints and cracks subject to movements up to 5 or 10 mm, using Mapeband TPE 170 or Mapeband TPE 325 respectively.
It is particularly recommended for waterproofing expansion joints in road-works, water tunnels and covering applications.
Mapeband TPE must only be bonded on surfaces which are free of oil, paint, dust and loose parts using Adesilex PG4 or Mapelastic (choose the product to use according to the type of application to be carried out). Straps of Mapeband TPE may be joined by carrying out using the "cold-weld" technique by applying contact adhesive, such as Adesilex LP poly-chloroprene adhesive in solvent, on both surfaces.

– Mapeband TPE 170: 30 m x 17 cm rolls;
– Mapeband TPE 325: 30 m x 32.5 cm rolls.

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