Solvent-based film-forming curing compound for mortars and concrete.
Mapecure S is used as a solvent-based curing compound for renders, cementitious mortars and fresh concrete, to minimize the formation of cracks produced by rapid evaporation of the mixing water caused by wind and sunlight.
The use of Mapecure S is especially suitable for industrial floorings, airport runways, hydraulic structures and highways.
Mapecure S is a product based on resins in organic solvents that form a uniform film over concrete, impermeable to water and air. The product is in compliance with UNI 8657 and UNI 8658 for film-forming products for the protection of concrete.
Mapecure S must be applied by roller or sprayed with manual pumps or compressed air onto the surface of the mortar or concrete in a thin uniform layer. For formwork concrete, Mapecure S must be applied immediately after stripping.
Mapecure S is ready-to-use, therefore must never be diluted with solvents. Carefully mix the product before its application.

100-110 g/m2.

24 kg drums;
200 l drums.

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