Single component, large-grained cementitious mortar for bonding and levelling insulation panels and for external thermal insulation systems.
Mapetherm AR1 GG is used both internally and externally for levelling off and bonding general insulating panels (expanded/extruded polystyrene, expanded polyurethane, mineral fibre, cork, wood fibre, etc.) directly on render, masonry or concrete on walls and ceilings.
Mapetherm AR1 GG is a grey or white powder made from cement, selected sand, synthetic resin and special additives with a grain size of up to 0.6 mm. When mixed with water, it forms a thixotropic mortar with good workability which may be applied on vertical surfaces without running and without letting even large-sized insulating panels slip. To bond insulating panels, spread Mapetherm AR1 GG on the back of the panels in an even layer using a 10 mm notched trowel if the substrate is flat, or in a series of beads and spots with a trowel if the substrate is uneven. To smooth and level off the panels, the adhesive must be completely dry. Spread an even layer of Mapetherm AR1 GG on the surface and then embed Mapetherm Net glass fibre mesh in the mortar, which must be pressed into the product with a smooth trowel while it is still fresh.

- 4.0-6.0 kg/m2 according to the bonding technique used;
- 1.3-1.5 kg/m2 per mm of thickness for smoothing and levelling (recommended: approx. 4 mm in 2 layers).

25 kg bags.

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