Epoxy adhesive with medium viscosity for structural strengthening timber elements by bonding new wood elements.
Mapewood Gel 120 is used for filling holes in wooden structures that need to be repaired such as beams, trusses and columns and in the new wood element in order to anchor connecting reinforcing rods or plates.
Mapewood Gel 120 is a solvent free epoxy adhesive of a gelatine consistency composed of two pre-measured parts that must be mixed before use (Part A = resin and Part B = hardener).
Pour Part B into Part A and mix with a drill fitted with a whip until the resin is completely smooth. In order to avoid accidental measuring errors, use the whole package of the product. If partial quantities are necessary, use an electronic precision scale.
Mapewood Gel 120 is easy to apply and hardens without shrinkage becoming a mixture with extremely high bonding strength, compatibility with wood and mechanical strength.

1.01 kg/dm3 of cavity to be filled.

2.5 kg units (A B).

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