Thixotropic epoxy adhesive for structural strengthening timber elements by bonding new wood elements.
Mapewood Paste 140 is used for filling holes in wooden structures that need to be repaired such as beams, trusses and columns and in the new wood element in order to bond wood to wood or anchor metal or composite material connecting reinforcing rods or plates.
Mapewood Paste 140 is a solvent free epoxy adhesive of a thixotropic consistency composed of two pre-measured parts (Part A = resin and Part B = hardener).
Mapewood Paste 140 is available in two packages: the first is the traditional packaging, made up of two plastic drums containing the two parts. Once the two parts have been mixed, the product can be applied manually with a flat trowel. The parts of the second packaging must first be manually mixed and then can be applied by extrusion from a cartridge.
Mapewood Paste 140 can be easily applied both on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It hardens without shrinkage becoming a paste with excellent bonding and mechanical strength compatible with wood. Fill the hole or cavity made on one side of the wooden piece (beam, column, truss) with Mapewood Paste 140. Position the connecting rod or plate near the reinforcing rod to the element that needs repair making sure the cut surfaces perfectly fit.

1.59 kg/dm3 of cavity to be filled.

3 kg drums (A B) buckets.

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