Fluid epoxy primer in water dispersion for consolidating and priming timber structures.
Mapewood Primer 100 is used for consolidating porous timber structural elements (beams, trusses and columns) damaged by decay wood-rotting fungi or due to the attack of wood-eating insects. It is also used for priming, after the removal of the damaged part, the end-parts of structural elements in high density wood that need to be reconstructed by bonding a new wood element. Mapewood Primer 100 is an epoxy primer in water dispersion composed of two pre-measured parts that must be mixed before use (Part A = resin and Part B = hardener). Due to Mapewood Primer 100's low viscosity, once mixed it can impregnate and penetrate in depth into all types of porous wooden surfaces, improving cohesion and resistance to biological attack. Used on low absorbency surfaces such as oak or chestnut, Mapewood Primer 100 improves the bonding of Mapewood Gel 120 and Mapewood Paste 140.
Part B into Part A and mix with a drill fitted with a whip until the resin is completely smooth. Mixing ratio: 1 part by weight Part A and 1 part by weight Part B. Apply Mapewood Primer 100 on the timber element with a roller, a brush or small bottle brush. Once prepared, Mapewood Primer 100 is workable for approximately 40 minutes at 23°C. Mapewood Primer 100 must be used within its pot life, therefore it is important to organize the work in order to finish the whole package of the product within this time.

approximately 150 g/m2.

1 kg units (A B).

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