Superfluid epoxy resin for impregnation with MapeWrap "wet system".
MapeWrap 21 is a two-component superfluid solvent-free product based on epoxy resins, especially formulated for the impregnation, immediately before placing MapeWrap fabric.
Pour part B into part A and mix with a drill fitted with a stirrer until the resin is completely even.
Mixing ratio: 4 parts by weight of part A and 1 part by weight of part B. After mixing, the product remains workable for approximately 40 minutes at 23°C.
The impregnation of the MapeWrap fabric can be carried out manually by simply dipping the fabric into a basin or with suitable equipment when a lot of reinforcement is needed in the same structure and over large surface areas.
The impregnated fabric must be applied over the still fresh MapeWrap 11 or MapeWrap 12 making sure it is laid without wrinkles.

from 0.12 to 1.7 kg/m depending on the type of impregnated fabric.

2.5 kg (A B);
5 kg (A B).

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