Acrylic paint with micro quartz for internal and external use; makes surfaces more uniform, highly durable




QUARZOLITE PAINT is an acrylic resin-based wall paint with granular micro-quartz particles suitable for all types of substrate. Extremely versatile with high performance properties, it provides good resistance to particularly aggressive environmental conditions and weather, making it suitable for use in any residential setting: urban, residential or rural.

QUARZOLITE PAINT is part of the QUARZOLITE SYSTEM, a complete range of products for any finishing cycle. To prepare surfaces, choose between MALECH water-based acrylic fixative or, for paints with less covering capacity, colour-matched QUARZOLITE BASE COAT to make surfaces more uniform. To paint surfaces we also have a formulation available with good covering capacity and Bio-Block®  technology to block the formation of mildew and mould, QUARZOLITE HF PLUS.

And for a textured finish Mapei proposes QUARZOLITE TONACHINO, a fibre-reinforced coating product with good defect-covering properties available in various particle sizes, according to the textured finish required. QUARZOLITE TONACHINO is also available in a version specific for protecting against mould and mildew, QUARZOLITE TONACHINO PLUS.

All QUARZOLITE SYSTEM products come with their own Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which measures and certifies the impact a product has on the environment throughout its entire life cycle.


Ideal for:

Protecting and decorating mixed substrates or substrates of dubious nature: thanks to its high acrylic resin content it bonds perfectly to all types of render and old paintwork, if suitably prepared/treated beforehand, Providing excellent resistance to weather and environmental conditions such as smog, saltwater/salty air and direct sunlight and ensuring long-lasting, durable protection for substrates, including in critical surroundings, Hiding small surface imperfections with an attractive, lightly textured finish. Obtain all the shades of the Mapei Master Collection and any other personalised or sample colour thanks to the ColorMap® automatic colouring system, Respecting the environment with clear, open communication about the impact the product has on the environment throughout its entire life cycle by issuing an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) compliant with international certified standards.


Acrylic paint with micro-granular quartz with a smooth finish for long-lasting protection of internal and external surfaces.


  • Perfect adhesion to substrates;
  • Highly durable
  • Defect-covering capacity
  • Colourable using a tinting machine
  • Versatile, suitable for all types of substrate
  • Complete system
  • Colourable using a tinting machine

Consistency: thick liquid.
Colour: white or various colours using the ColorMap® automatic colouring system.
Density (EN ISO 2811-1) (g/cm³): approx. 1.55.
Dry solids content: (EN ISO 3251) (%): approx. 66.
Dilution rate: 10-15% of water.
Waiting time between each coat: 24 hours.
Application temperature range: from +5°C to +35°C.
Cleaning: water.
Storage: 24 months.
Application: roller, brush or spray.
Consumption: 0.3-0.4 kg/m² (for two coats of the product).
Packaging: 5 and 20 kg.

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