Anti-mould and anti-alga cleaning product in a watery solution.
Silancolor Cleaner Plus is a water-based anti-mould and anti-alga solution used to clean surfaces damaged by mould and algae before painting with the Silancolor Plus protection system.
Silancolor Cleaner Plus forms the basis of the Silancolor Plus protection system for facades, by carrying out a deep-down, cleaning and sanitising action which removes mould and algae from surfaces damaged by such organisms.
Silancolor Cleaner Plus, together with the finishing system from the Silancolor Plus range, forms a highly-efficient protective cycle for the surface of walls against algae and fungi which have damaged the surface of walls.
Silancolor Cleaner Plus is a cleaning solution which penetrates deep down into the surface, to guarantee thorough cleaning of algae and fungi which have caused damage to the surface of walls.
Silancolor Cleaner Plus is odourless and does not contain solvents, which makes it suitable for applications in closed or poorly ventilated areas.
Mix Silancolor Cleaner Plus well before use, and dilute it at a ratio of 3:1 with water (5 kg of Silancolor Cleaner Plus in 15 kg of water).

the consumption is heavily influenced by the absorption of the substrate and the amount of mould and algae present on the surface. Typical consumption rate:
0.20-1 kg/m2 of ready-to-use solution.

5 and 1 kg drums.

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