Silancolor Paint Plus

Silancolor Paint Plus

High-efficiency, silicon resin-based, high-transpiration, high water-repellence, anti-alga and anti-mould protective paint in water dispersion for internal and external applications.
For painting walls which are particularly exposed to the destructive (or deteriorative) action of algae, mould and fungi, to form a long-lasting protective coat on the substrate against such micro-organisms.
Silancolor Paint Plus is particularly resistant against the growth of algae, mould and fungi. It may be used to paint walls which already have a problem with such micro-organisms, after a preliminary cleaning treatment to remove them from the surface, or as a preventative measure for painting buildings in particularly damp environments, where the growth of such organisms is more prolific.
Silancolor Paint Plus is a silicon resin-based paint in water dispersion, and apart from the aforementioned properties, it is also highly water-repellent with good permeability to vapour, by forming a film which is permeable to vapour.
Silancolor Paint Plus, used in conjunction with Silancolor Primer Plus and, where necessary, with Silancolor Cleaner Plus, forms an efficient protection system, and is able to offer a long-lasting surface protection.
Silancolor Paint Plus bonds perfectly to all types of conventional and dehumidifying renders and to old, well-bonded paintwork. Its water-repellence properties protects the substrate from chemical attack, attracts very little dirt, is highly resistant to the washing effect of rainwater and is very hard-wearing.
Silancolor Paint Plus is highly resistant to alkalis, washing cycles, UV rays and ageing, and maintains its characteristics for a very long period of time.
Silancolor Paint Plus leaves an attractive finish with a smooth, matt surface which is velvety to the touch. It is available in a wide range of colours, which may be obtained using the ColorMap® automatic tinting system.
Silancolor Paint Plus must be diluted with 15-20% of water at the moment it is to be applied, making sure that the product is well-blended by using a low-speed drill if necessary.

0.2-0.3 kg/m2 (corresponding to two coats of the product).

20 and 5 kg buckets.

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