Coloured, modified potassium silicate-based primer paint in water dispersion with high filling properties for evening out surfaces, according to DIN 18363 Standards.
Silexcolor Base Coat is a coloured base product made from modified potassium silicates in water dispersion, micro-granular quartz and selected aggregates which, once applied, evens out the absorbency of the substrate and promotes bonding of successive coats of paint and thick dressing materials from the Silexcolor range.
Silexcolor Base Coat is used to prepare cementitious surfaces or de-humidifying render made from Mape-Antique or PoroMap before applying a coat of coloured finish, to even out the absorbency of the substrate and to promote a good bond.
Silexcolor Base Coat is indispensable when applying finishing products with a "scratch-effect" surface, to avoid transparency of the underlying substrate.
Silexcolor Base Coat may be used to even out the surface, to form a more uniform finish and to cover small imperfections. If applied in white or in a colour similar to that of the final coat, it is particularly useful to help integration of the coloured finishing cycle, especially when bright colours which only partially cover the surface are used.
Silexcolor Base Coat helps to promote a good bond of potassium silicate-based finishing products when applied on old organic resin-based dressing materials.
Silexcolor Base Coat is available in a wide range of colours, created using the ColorMap® automatic tinting system.

0.4-0.5 kg/m2 per coat.
Consumption is heavily influenced by the roughness of the substrate and by imperfections on the surface, and according to the application technique used.

20 kg buckets.

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