Armidale and District Netball Association Redevelopment

Location icon Armidale, Australia
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Yard Sports surfacing to 8 new concrete and two existing asphalt courts comprising 7,140m2.
Location Armidale, Australia
Built in 2021
Opened in 2021
Application Application of Mapecoat TNS Professional Sports Surfacing System
Mapecoat TNS Professional system delivers a high-performance and slip-resistant surface. Mapecoat TNS approved applicators, Sports Build mechanically ground, and high-pressure water cleaned the new concrete surface in preparation for sealing of all concrete expansion joints with Mapeflex PU 45FT prior to priming the courts using Mapecoat Primer EPW (a two-component, epoxy resin-based primer used as an adhesion promoter before application of the subsequent Mapecoat TNS coatings). Mapecoat TNS White Base Coat (semi-flexible acrylic resin base coat with good filling capacity) was applied to the primed concrete surface to patch and rectify depressions, followed by two coats of Mapecoat TNS Finish 1 (coloured acrylic resin-based playing surface topcoats in water dispersion with selected fillers). Even in damp conditions, the finish provides a long-lasting and durable surface with superior UV stability and slip resistance. Approved applicators, Sports Build, completed the courts by first applying TNS Line Seal prior to applying the white perimeter lines using Mapecoat TNS Line-Tex (acrylic resin-based paint in water dispersion for marking out indoor and outdoor courts) purposely developed to allow for non-slip line marking in wet conditions.
Application Type Products for sports flooring
Installer companies Sports Build

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