Minsk Ice Arena

Location icon Minsk, Belarus
Ref #: 4682


Yard Flooring
Location Minsk, Belarus
Subcategory ARENA
Built in 2007
Opened in 2009
Application Concrete flooring realization
Start and finish date 2009
Application Type Installation of floors
Client Governo della Repubblica di Bielorussia
Contractor company B. Nord Pavi 2000, Mel (BL)
Installer companies B. Nord Pavi 2000, Mel (BL)
Credits B. Nord Pavi 2000, Mel (BL)
MAPEI Coordination Stefano Dussin, Ettore Menegaldo, Gianluca Bianchin, Mapei SpA

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Product used for the project



Expansive agent for concrete. Expancrete is a powder admixture used to…
New Construction : Yes

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