Mapei Academy Webinar Recording

Waterproofing & Ceramic Installation in Swimming Pools


In this webinar we will take you through waterproofing and tiling systems for pools explaining why attention to detail is important to having an issue free installation.

About the presenter:
Paul Buckley has been working in the building and construction industries after completing his apprenticeship in tiling and stone works 37 years ago. In 1997, Paul joined Mapei Australia in sales and product management, working both nationally and internationally. Passionate about the industry, Paul strives to share his knowledge and expertise in courses such as this one. His customers can count on him to provide advice on the best products and systems suited to their needs. .

Products covered during the course:

You can download Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) by clicking on each product individually.

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Products covered during the webinar: