Giorgio Squinzi

"Never stop pedalling"
November 19, 2019

Giorgio Squinzi, the President of the Mapei Group, left us on the evening of 2nd October. Adriana Spazzoli, Realtà Mapei International’s Editor-in-chief, introduces the pages of a special supplement to Realtà Mapei International.

That is the title we have chosen to open this special supplement to Realtà Mapei International, a title we wish we did not have to write. Giorgio Squinzi, the President of the Mapei Group, left us on the evening of 2nd October: a life divided between his family, company, business associations, sport, culture and social work.

His motto “Never stop pedalling” epitomised his approach to both work and life.

Giorgio Squinzi had lots of friends in all those realms to which he contributed his expertise, rigour, passion and humanity; always in his own sober and unobtrusive style that conveyed such great charisma and respect. He knew how to listen, and people listened to him.

We have asked some of the friends who accompanied him on life’s journey to give us their own personal recollections of the man. Memories we have collected in the pages of this special supplement to Realtà Mapei International; all these words and stories clearly demonstrate the great affection people had for Giorgio Squinzi in the most disparate of realms.

His expertise, precision and passion will now be taken up by his children, Veronica and Marco, who were appointed as Chief Executive Officers in July 2019.

They will lead the group along the path first trodden with such far-sighted vision by Rodolfo and then Giorgio Squinzi that made Mapei great all over the world.

Click on the pdf below to open this special supplement.

Enjoy your reading everybody.

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