A company has a very precise role in society; net profit is not its only target. It must also encompass the ethical, scientific, human and cultural values that form the real personality and reputation of the company.
Adriana Spazzoli

Dynamic balance

Its concrete commitment to Sustainability allows the Group to manage its business activities in such a way that social, environmental and economic values are dependent on each other.

In fact we firmly believe that, in order to grow, not only do we need to achieve economic success, we also need to be socially responsible to all the communities we are part of. This is why we are committed to conserving environmental resources for the future of the next generations.

The structure of our programme is based on three main principles of Sustainability: Social, Environmental and Economic, the aim being that these three dimensions reach a state of dynamic balance.
Each company within the Group is committed to operating in line with this strategy, adopting the most appropriate solutions for the local territory and for the environment and community in which it operates.


Code of Ethics: our calling card

Our values and our commitment to transform them into reality on a daily basis are enshrined in our Code of Ethics, as if it were the calling card of the Group to which we always refer for inspiration and reference.

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