The winning recipe to look to the future with confidence is one and one only: work hard to provide the most satisfactory products the building market could possibly require.
Giorgio Squinzi

An unrivalled offer

Our products offer clients the most specific and most advanced solutions in the world of building. Users of Mapei products can see for themselves, day after day, how this choice leads to optimising work, maximum application yield and perfect results, under all conditions. We are not just a supplier; we are also a partner for all those who operate in this sector with a comprehensive range without rivals. Our name is synonymous with innovation and every year we create thousands of new formulations to meet all your needs. We supply more than 5,000 technologically advanced products that take into consideration the widest variety of requirements imaginable and, in so doing, we help improve the characteristics of buildings, from anti-seismic upgrading to the healthiness of our surroundings

Expertise in the construction sector born from on-site experience

Through a constant exchange of ideas and experiences with clients and builders’ merchants, we use their input as a starting point to shape innovation and reformulate their suggestions in the form of new products to expand the range of lines and references. From the smallest to the largest sales points for ceramics and building materials, our quality is not limited to the product itself, but extends to the competence of the sales team, the passion of our retailers and the value of their advice.

Our clients can also take advantage of our Technical Services Department and their constant, expert support, from the design phase right up to the execution phase, to guarantee an end result that will always live up to their expectations.

Internationalisation and specialisation:
the keys of our success

Specialisation makes the process of internationalisation possible, that is, the capacity to increase productivity through the commissioning of facilities in the most significant market areas in the world in order to supply solutions in line with local needs. A process which sees Mapei Research and Development in the front line in formulating products for any and all requirements of the building world, to get closer to clients and buyers specific needs.
We must not forget either that, thanks to our product systems, it is possible to tackle and overcome any type of problem quickly with little or no harmful emissions for man or the environment and to guarantee results that remain durable over the years. In order to meet the various specific requirements in the most appropriate way possible, over the years we have acquired new companies from around the world. This has given us access to raw materials which are strategic for the Group and necessary for manufacturing finished products.

Integrating raw materials

The challenge is to identify and satisfy the requirements of specific markets and to concentrate investments into highly specialised sectors in order to promote our commitment to excellence in all areas of the building industry.
Following this strategic line, Vinavil was acquired in 1994: a significant integration of strategic raw materials that has enabled us to extend the range of products on offer, which was then followed by the acquisition of the Polish cement plant, Gorka, and the Italian producer of high quality aggregates, VaGa.

Thousands of products used to meet any and all requirements in the building world.


Mapei integrated solutions for every type of problem.


Thousands of projects completed around the world

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