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Mapei products are a part of our everyday world: in our homes, the structures of buildings and on the surfaces of historical buildings. Thanks to the innovations created by our research and development laboratories, all our products and solutions are formulated using materials which safeguard the environment and which have been developed to reduce energy consumption. A constant, ongoing effort to improve the quality of life, comfort, aesthetics and safety in the environments we live in.

Productssolutions and tools available

Here, architects and professionals from all around the world will find constant technical support and assistance, exhaustive information about innovative products, practical solutions for every possible problem in the building sector and support for design work and the writing of technical specifications: so many solutions for so many different needs.

Our product lines

Over the years Mapei has proven to be a key partner to everyone working in the building industry and has created thousands of specific products with properties and characteristics to meet all their needs.
From waterproofing private swimming pools to soundproofing theatres and restoring historic buildings, Mapei has something for every sector of the building industry with products and solutions which guarantee increased ductility and savings in materials and energy.

Solutions for every type of site

Mapei solutions enable you to solve any and every type of problem encountered in the building sector and, thanks to the use of high quality products, to enhance every type of building site with new innovations.
Ours is a choice that looks to the future and is the result of our constant commitment to research, through the development of products and solutions which are not only highly technological, but which also help safeguard the environment, the health of those who apply our products and those who actually use the areas where they are applied.

Technical documentation and tools

Our documentation is transparent and full of technical details, from areas of use for each product right up to technical specifications. It is updated constantly and includes dedicated tools to help you select and use the products from our catalogue. A precious online tool that will help you find exactly what you need to transform a world of designs and projects into reality.

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