Superplasticiser based on acrylic modified polymer for precast concrete with low water/cement ratio and very high mechanical strengths at early age at low temperatures.
Dynamon SP2 is a modified acrylic-based high performance admixture.
Dynamon SP2 is especially suitable for precast concrete and wherever a strong water reduction is required, along with strong early age strength for all workability class and curing temperatures lower than 15°C.
Due to its characteristics, Dynamon SP2 is particularly indicated to reduce steam curing in precast industry.
Dynamon SP2 is also suitable for producing self-compacting concrete.
The high-range water reduction of Dynamon SP2, in fact, allows to produce high-flowable concretes without reducing the hardening process at early age. In order to avoid segregation of SCC, Dynamon SP2 should be used in combination with the
viscosity modifying agent, Viscofluid SCC.
Add Dynamon SP2 directly to the mixture after all the other ingredients (cement, aggregates, water, other additions).
1.5-2.5 litres per 100 kg of cement for traditional concrete or on fine parts (0.1 mm diameter) for self compacting concrete.
200 l drums - 1000 l tanks. Also available in bulk on request.

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