Hyperplasticiser for concrete with low loss of workability.
Mapefluid X404 is formulated for the preparation of high performance concrete with high fluidity (consistency class S4 and S5 according to UNI 9858 and ENV 206).
Mapefluid X404 is suitable for all applications which call for very low loss of workability (hot weather concreting, concrete transported over long distances, etc.).
Furthermore, Mapefluid X404 can also be used for the preparation of screeds with “wet sand” consistency by simply reducing the water/cement ratio.
Mapefluid X404 is a non-sulphonated acrylic polymer-based formaldehyde-free liquid admixture that disperses cement granules.
Add Mapefluid X404 directly into the mix after the other ingredients (cement, aggregate, water).
Mapefluid X404 can also be diluted into batching water beforehand, since its hyper-plasticising action is not affected by the mixing method. Coverage
1-2 kg per 100 kg of cement
(0.9-1.9 l). Packaging
200 l, 25 kg drums - 1000 l tanks.
Also available in bulk on request.

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