Tiles with a bitumen and special polymer-based elasto-plastomeric membrane with polyester reinforcement, sandwiched to a resilient layer of polyester fibre.
Tensile strength:
– longitudinal: 700 N/50 mm;
– transversal: 500 N/50 mm.
Impact strength: 900 mm.
Resistance to static perforation: 15 kg.
Impermeability to water: > 100 KPa.
Reaction to fire: F.
Apparent dynamic stiffness (S’t): 10 MN/m³.
Dynamic stiffness for calculation purposes (S’): 21 MN/m³.
Reduction of noise from footsteps when installed (∆Lw): 42 dB.
Reduction of noise caused by footsteps under laboratory conditions (∆Lw(*)): 24 dB.
Thermal resistance (R): 0.313 m²K/W.
Nominal thickness: 13 mm.
Format: 1000 mm x 1000 mm tiles.
Weight: 5 kg/m².
Packaging: pallets containing 75 m².
(*) Measured in an independent laboratory on a 14 cm thick normalised reinforced concrete floor with a surface area of 10 m² and an upper acoustic chamber (according to UNI EN ISO 140-8).

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