Location icon PARIS, France
Ref #: 6106


Yard Floor for the entire shop
Location PARIS, France
Subcategory SHOP
Opened in 2020
Application Supply of our Ultratop System Terrazzo products (floor and furniture in prefabricated parts)
The Ultratop System Terrazzo is a decorative, polished, cast floor system based on hydraulic binders and aggregates, with a "terrazzo" effect. Using today's techniques, it is possible to obtain "Terrazzo alla Veneziana" with a traditional appearance, close to the authenticity of those created centuries ago in the Serenissima, but also a "polished concrete" appearance, with a lower density of aggregates, a random distribution and a more industrial appearance.
Start and finish date 2020
Application Type Cemetitious and resin floor coverings
Installer companies MERGOZZO
Credits MAPEI
MAPEI Coordination Ludovic Margiovanni

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