Aix La Chapelle Cathedral

Location icon Aix La Chapelle, Germany
Ref #: 4222


Yard Wall coverings
Location Aix La Chapelle, Germany
Subcategory CATHEDRAL
Built in 1000
Opened in 1200
Application Natural stone slabs installation
Start and finish date 2007/2010
Application Type Installation of wall coverings
Client Diocesi di Aquisgrana
Contractor company Fabbrica della Cattedrale di Aquisgrana
Installer companies Steinbildhauerei Schwartzenberg, Aquisgrana
MAPEI Distributor Schmidt Rudersdorf, Würselen (Germania)
Project Manager Dipl. Geologe; Dr. Dennis La Bouchardiere
MAPEI Coordination Walter Mauer, Mapei GmbH (Germania)

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