M0 North-Danube Bridge

Location icon Szentendre - Szigetmonostor, Hungary
Ref #: 4495


Yard New construction
Location Szentendre - Szigetmonostor, Hungary
Subcategory BRIDGE
Built in 2006
Opened in 2008
Application Bridge realization
Application Type New building
Client Nemzeti Infrakstruktura Fejleszto Zrt
Contractor company Hídépítő Zrt. e Strabag
Installer companies Hídépítő Zrt. e Strabag
Architects Unitef-Ceh
Credits Sandor Banyal
Project Manager Laszlo Windisch, Hídépítő Zrt
MAPEI Coordination Sznauter Csaba, Mapei Kft (Ungheria)

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