Three-component acid-resistant epoxy mortar for thick applications.
Mapefloor EP19 is used as an acid-resistant, wear-resistant protection of concrete structures, for example bearings for crane and bridge crane runways, beds for sewage treatment machinery, ramps, etc.
Mapefloor EP19 is suitable for rebuilding the corners of expansion joints in damaged industrial concrete flooring due to the impact of trucks, forklifts, etc.
Prepare Mapefloor EP19 by mixing parts A and B, then add part C (the powdered component).
Apply Mapefloor EP19 after the substrate has been impregnated with Primer MF. Tamp and float finish with a metal trowel.
Application: with flat trowel.
Mapefloor EP19: 20 kg/m2 per
1 cm of thickness.
Primer MF: 0.20-0.30 kg/m2.
Mapefloor EP19: 10 kg (A B C);
Primer MF: 1 kg (A B); 6 kg (A B).

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