Superplasticing pozzolanic admixture for high quality mortar and concrete, resistant to chemical attack.
Mapefluid PZ500 is used to prepare durable concrete that is resistant to sulphate attack (water and soils), chlorinated water, carbon dioxide.
Mapefluid PZ500 also facilitates the pumping capacity of lean concrete giving it a fluid consistency with low cement factor.
Furthermore, Mapefluid PZ500 can also be used for the preparation of semi-dry screeds reducing the water/cement ratio.
Mapefluid PZ500 improves all the properties of concrete, in particular it provides a stronger cohesion of the fresh mix, higher mechanical strength, better waterproofing and durability against aggressive liquid and gaseous agents.
To prepare the mix add Mapefluid PZ500 to the dry mixture of cement and aggregate, disperse it until complete homogeneity is obtained and finally mix with water.
The mix with Mapefluid PZ500 is cast and worked like a normal concrete.
20-60 kg per m3 of the mix.
11 kg bags.
Big bags are available on request.

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