QUARZO 0,25 0,5 1,9

Washed kiln-dried quartz sand for use with epoxy and polyurethane resin.

Where to use:

MAPEI’s quartz sand range is made from highly pure, washed, kiln-dried, selected quartz. It is available in various mixes in a granulometric curve and is used with epoxy or polyurethane resin to create protective coatings, for grouting and repair work, etc.

Some application examples:

  • To make resin mortar for screeds or repairing floors. 

  • To make self-leveling resin mortar and skimming mortar for cementitious surfaces. 

  • Broadcasting the surface of resin in multi-layered coating systems or to create keying layers for resin or cementitious products.

  • To create non-slip surface finishes.

TYPES OF MIX AVAILABLE MAPEI’s quartz sand range are available in the following particle sizes: – Quartz 0.25; – Quartz 0.5; – Quartz 0.9; – Quartz 1.2; – Quartz 1.9.

Packaging: 25 kg bags.

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