wins Progress Sitefinity's best website of the year award

Winner of the “multisite” category for its structure, content, user-friendly navigation, and innovative use of the platform's own functions

May 27, 2020
The global website won the best website award in the “multisite” category of the competition organised by Progress Sitefinity, a Web Content Management System (C. M. S.) platform.

This competition, which was organised for the first time in 2011, is designed to recognise websites developed on the Progress Sitefinity platform offering outstanding user experience and making innovative use of functions promoted by the platform itself.

The award is divided into two stages. During the first stage, Progress Sitefinity makes nominations based on six guidelines: design, content, layout and navigation, innovation, complexity and relevance. The second phase involves public voting to select winners In the various categories.

More specifically, was rewarded for the complexity and layout of its master site in Italian and the local websites of the Mapei Group's subsidiary companies, making a total of 59 website translated into 62 languages with approximately 240,000 pages attracting 550,000 individual visitors each month.

The project for the new websites first began in 2017 with the relaunching the Italian holding company's main website. It was then developed and extended to cover all the Group's subsidiaries and was completed with the launch of the final three websites of the North American subsidiaries in May 2020.

Alongside the architecture of the websites, this important prize was also awarded for the quality of their specific technical content for the general public, wide range of tools developed using the platform's own features and capabilities, and the design and ease of navigation of the website that is optimised to be used intuitively and responsively.

"The next steps we take will be focused on further developing the websites for the subsidiaries of other brands, such as Vinavil, Vaga, Adesital and Polyglass for a total of 10 more sites with different features and a different degree of complexity - so the Marketing Director, Stefano Ranghieri, commented, adding that - My special thanks go to Paola Naldi and her Digital Team for their tireless and enthusiastic work, and also our technical sponsor, Mediaengine, which was constantly committed to providing the quality we were looking for".

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