Eco Restaura: the new cement free multi-purpose lime-based eco-mortar

Pure natural hydraulic lime and recycled materials for sustainable building

April 11, 2022

From Mapei’s commitment for increasingly sustainable buildings comes Mape-Antique NHL Eco Restaura, the new cement-free, multi-purpose, breathable mortar made from pure natural hydraulic lime and recycled materials.

What’s revolutionary about Eco Restaura is its formulation, the result of incessant Research and Development work. Combining the study of materials from the past with cutting-edge technology, Mapei is leading the way towards real sustainability with the aim of supplying high quality, long-lasting materials.

Thanks to the use of a lower amount of virgin raw materials, the new multi-purpose mortar by Mapei is an environmentally sustainable product that enables durable operations to be carried out while preserving buildings for a long time.

The multi-faceted nature of Mape-Antique NHL Eco Restaura means it can be used as a masonry mortar for “patching” and “stitching” and, at the same time, for building facing walls and as rendering mortar to integrate and level off old substrates, including those already painted, render and mineral coatings in any type of building, including those of historic and architectural significance with preservation orders from Architectural and Landscape Heritage Authorities. It is applied in layers from 3 to 30 mm thick.

Eco Restaura joins the Mape-Antique NHL ECO range of products, which also includes Eco Risana, the single-product, single-layer, dehumidifying render with high breathability and high porosity, ideal for restoring masonry buildings with rising damp and the presence of saline efflorescence.

In the name of an increasingly sustainable building industry, for years Mapei has been focusing on formulating high quality, long-lasting solutions with less impact on site, while guaranteeing simpler waste disposal processes and a reduction in the time and amount of energy required to manufacture product systems.

In fact, circularity, sustainability and innovation are the cornerstones that lead to the development of increasingly sustainable solutions for the environment. Mape-Antique NHL Eco Restaura complies with EN 998-1 standards and is classified GP: “General purpose mortar for internal/external render”, Category CS II. The product is also classified T according to EN 998-2 standards: “Thin layer masonry mortar”, Class M 2,5.

Mape-Antique sustainable building materials

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