A road surfacing system for the “Arena del Futuro” based on Mapei research

“Arena del Futuro”: wireless charging ready for commercial development
June 10, 2022

The transition towards decarbonization in the mobility sector is happening quickly. The experimental “Arena del Futuro” along the A35 Brebemi motorway, is already considering the development of specific national and international strategic infrastructures projects. 

Today, the Chairman of A35 Brebemi Francesco Bettoni together with all project partners, in the presence of the Minister of the Italian Republic Mariastella Gelmini, were in Chiari (Bs) to officially unveil the inductive recharging technology for electric vehicles known as DWPT (Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer), which has been tested in different parts of the world. The Italian pilot project coordinated by A35 Brebemi, a company owned by Aleatica, including: ABB, Electreon, IVECO, IVECO BUS, Mapei, Pizzarotti, Politecnico di Milano, Prysmian, Stellantis, TIM, FIAMM Energy Technology, Università Roma Tre, Università di Parma, Vigili del Fuoco and Ministry of the Interior - Polizia Stradale. This technology makes it possible for EV (electric vehicles) to recharge their batteries while travelling in dedicated lanes.

This innovative system of coils positioned under the asphalt transfers energy directly to the vehicles (cars, trucks and buses). A "zero emissions" mobility system, which includes different elements studied by the industrial excellences involved to interact with each other, such as: asphalt, control units, cables, electric vehicles and 5G connectivity.

“Mapei joined this project from the outset with great enthusiasm because we recognised it encompassed two fundamental values that are part of our company’s DNA: sustainability and innovation. – Marco Squinzi, CEO Mapei -
Our particular scope was to use our in-house research laboratories to develop cutting-edge technology that would make the layers in road paving, which house magnetic induction coils, more durable and compatible with localised magnetic fields.Thanks to our special admixtures and products we also made it possible to complete maintenance work more quickly compared with normal paving, making it easier to carry out other interventions.
The Group mobilised three of its companies for the “Arena del Futuro” project: Mapei and Vaga for the solutions proposed regarding mortars and admixtures for the bituminous conglomerates and pre-blended products, and Polyglass for the bituminous membranes. And in addition, all the experience of the company’s experts and of the Technical Services Division was provided for the various phases of the project.”

The main elements of the Mapei “Arena del Futuro” road paving system are:

  1. Special mortar for induction emitters to protect the coils, made from materials that have low interference with magnetic fields and that adhere perfectly to the interfacing bituminous membrane.

  1. Trench mortar containing polymers for laying and embedding the cables and control units that connect the system management units to the coils.

  1. Modified bituminous membrane applied on the surface of the mortar once it hardens to create a good interface with the layers of asphalt above the coils, prevent the propagation of cracks and guarantee their impermeability.

  1. In the bitumen mixes used for all the layers over the coils, Mapei chemical admixtures were used to make it easier to lay the bituminous conglomerate, and particularly to extend its service life when exposed to intense magnetic fields, with the aim of improving its durability and, as a result, the sustainability of the paving.

“Mapei will continue to provide its research and innovation expertise for the “Arena del Futuro” project, the aim being to find new solutions that make installation even simpler and that enable this system to become accessible and more widely adopted, thereby contributing to achieving the objectives of the Fit for 55 package presented by the European Commission as part of the Green Deal initiative.”- added Marco Squinzi, CEO Mapei -.

Arena del Futuro DWPT

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