Synthetic polymer in liquid form for water based fluids to be employed in mechanised tunnelling and drilling

Where to use
Mapedrill M1 has a stabilising effect on mixed ground and/or very altered formations and has an encapsulating/inhibiting effect on active clays.
Mapedrill M1 has a strong lubricating effect, reducing torque and wear and thereby increasing machine performance.
Mapedrill M1 due to its liquid form allows for fast fluid preparation and, because of its excellent dispersive properties can be used quickly even without complex mixing plants. The treated ground becomes homogenous and the polymer does not accumulate, rather spreads universally.
Mapedrill M1 has an excellent cutting carrying capacity and inhibits hydration in active formation.
Mapedrill M1 is not toxic and does not damage the formation.
Mapedrill M1 can be used in conjunction with our foaming agents, having an excellent stabilizing action on the foam, improving compactness and strength. In presence of hard water and water rich in ions of calcium and magnesium, it is advised to pre-treated the water with carbonates of sodium or magnesium. This will enhance the Mapedrill M1 polymer action.

As tunnelling slug from 2 to 5 kg each 1000 l of water.
As stabilizing foam from 2 to 4 kg each 1000 l of water.
Our laboratory is available for assessing the dosage of Mapedrill M1 with the soil types met during tunnelling and/or drilling. To make the best use of Mapedrill M1 it is recommended to contact our “Underground Technology Team” technical service to verify and improve the characteristics, according to the local application conditions.

Mapedrill M1 is available in 25 and 210 kg plastic drums and in 1050 kg plastic tanks.

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