Multi-purpose, epoxy resin floor topping in water dispersion which is vapour permeable, for industrial floors

Technical Characteristics
Mapefloor I 500 W SP is a three-component, epoxy resin-based filler treatment in water dispersion, made according to a special formula developed in MAPEI’s own research laboratories.
Mapefloor I 500 W SP is versatile, permeable to water vapour and has an innovative characteristic for which even though the product is water-based, it is not subject to shrinkage.

25.9 kg set:
component A = 2.3 kg;
component B = 3.6 kg;
component C = 20 kg.

The product must be stored in its original packaging in a dry place, and at a temperature of at least 5ºC.
Mapefloor I 500 W SP is water-based and, therefore, safe for the environment. It is particularly suitable for application in the food manufacturing industry. After application, the surfaces are seamless, flat and have an attractive finish.
Mapefloor I 500 W SP is strong, resistant to chemicals and abrasion and may be used for both self-levelling systems and multi-layered systems.

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