Two-component cementitious mortar with a low modulus of elasticity for repairing concrete.
Maximum dimension of aggregate: 2.5 mm.
Mixing ratio: 100 parts of MAPEGROUT BM comp. A with 18.8 parts of MAPEGROUT BM comp. B.
Pot life of mix: approximately 1 hour (at +20°C).
Minimum applicable thickness: 1 cm.
Maximum applicable thickness: 3.5 cm per layer.
Classification: EN 1504-3 - class R4 structural mortar.
Storage: 12 months (comp. A); 24 months (comp. B).
Application: trowel, gauging trowel or rendering machine.
Consumption: approximately 21 kg/m² per cm of thickness.
Packaging: 29.7 kg kits:

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